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    My Journey into Impossible Geometry As an artist, I have always been fascinated by the connection between impossible geometric shapes (Perspective Headache) and the tiling of two-dimensional spaces (Concrete Jungle, Simple Patterns, Pebbles and Dots …etc.). This fascination led me to create TRIANGULAR, a long-form generative art series inspired by the renowned Penrose triangle. In…



    More about Moonlines The Moonlines project explores the combination of minimalist forms and basic rules to create complex images of interfering lines creating an effect commonly known as Moir√©. It uses a simplistic approach to combine 4 sets of parallel lines and a main shape in its center. The overlapping and intersection of slightly slanted…



    More about Riptide? Riptide is a generative project in which the content is controlled by multiple layered 2D Perlin noises. Each layer controls a specific parameter of the art. Grid layout First a grid of random size is generated. The first 2D Perlin noise controls the position of each point of the grid. Both frequency…