256 Editions

May 2022

This series is a collaboration with Omar Lobato

Even though sometimes our horizon seems to be obscured by problems and difficulties, the weather is always clear above the clouds.

“Rêves em Nuvens”, a mixture of French and Portuguese words meaning “Dreams in the clouds”, is intended to be a message of hope and encouragement for all those who, at some point, have seen their perspectives disappear. They are still there, the stars and the sky are only hidden behind clouds.

Born from a two-month collaboration between Omar Lobato and Estienne, “Rêve em Nuvens” uses noise assemblages to reproduce a cloudy sky, sometimes at night under a full moon, during a late afternoon or a sunny day.

The colors, shape, texture and turbulence of the clouds are all variations that will give this series a style that can be both realistic and fantastic.